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Ultimate Experience of World Heritage Site in Asia

Where to Find the best UNESCO Cultural Heritage in Asia.

 Asia is loaded with World Heritage Sites owing to its deep-rooted culture and history and many stunning and diverse natural environments. Those visiting Asia are in for a World Heritage treat! With numerous World Heritage sites in Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao and Malaysia , inquisitive travellers are not only spoilt for choice,

they will also find themselves on the doorstep of some of the most outstanding World Heritage on the planet. Visit one cultural site and a door into the fascinating world of Asia –past and present – will begin to creak open. Visit all ten cultural sites and begin to uncover the evolution of one of the most intricate and spellbinding cultural tapestries the world has ever known.


Explore some of the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Asia such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia , Ayutthaya and Sukhothai in Thailand, Hoi An in Vietnam, Laung Prabang in Lao, Taj Mahal in India, Sigiriya in Srilanka and Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.


A trip with great depth and breadth embracing a number of Asia’s most notable world heritage sites and historic cities and including the heartland of crafts in each of the countries we visit.

Our Ultimate Heritage Tours is a collection of tour packages that take you back into history and facilitate your making an independent assessment of the Asia as it was then. This special line of journeys has been artistically tailored to offer you the best of our world.

Our journeys cover not only heritage sites, but also present to you cultural diversity, awe-inspiring scenery and genuine interaction with the local people of the civilization centers we visit.

At Ultimate Travel Solutions we specialize in custom-designed travel to an area of the world that has emerged as the destination of choice for avid, adventurous travelers. The people of these nations welcome visitors, and proudly share their heritage and history. Experience the incredible diversity of Southeast Asia.

These magical lands await you. Immerse yourself in their centuries of diverse traditions and culture, genuine hospitality, delicious food, outdoor adventure and accommodations to suit every taste.

Ultimate Experience

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