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Thai Cooking Classes and Culinary Tours

Come with us to Thailand to experience an exotic gem, a country where the architecture and artistry are matched only by the friendliness of the people; where every flavor is more pleasing than the last; and where Buddhism binds the culture seamlessly

Thai food is an exceptional combination of exotic sweet, tangy and peppery spices, fresh ingredients, and stunning presentation, and most who try it are hooked for life.

Traditional Thai cooking is taught at home. Every mother is a “teacher” and family recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. Meals are always shared family affairs and are an important part of Thai cultural heritage. Therefore, each Thai cooking class is set in a home-style learning environment, with open-air, Thai-style kitchens, surrounded by aromatic herb gardens, orchards and rice paddies. The instructors will pass down their family recipes, as they teach us about ingredient selection, combining spices into curry pastes, and preparation of full meals of Thai cuisine.


On our Thailand culinary tour, you’ll enjoy Thai cooking classes with expert chefs, explore the fascinating Thai culture, and enjoy the outdoors.

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