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op Activities To See And Do in Southeast Asia

Explore Bangkok –Thailand’s capital city “ Bangkok” is the hub of travel activity for Southeast Asia.

This city is an unforgettable place with its enduring culture, non stop nightlife and incredible shopping experience, (not to be missed the floating markets) it is truly the gateway to the entire Southeast Asian region. You’ll be able to get anywhere you want from here that will keep you up until dawn


World Heritage Admiration :  Explore some of the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Asia such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia , Ayutthaya and Sukhothai in Thailand, Hoi An in Vietnam, Laung Prabang in Lao, Taj Mahal in India, Sigiriya in Srilanka and Kathmandu Valley in Nepal

Diving  – There are many great dive sites around the region. You have some of the best in the world here, places here you can lie on the beach, soak up some sun, and cool off in azure blue water. Learn to dive here at a fraction of what it would cost back home. Some of the best places are Koh Lipe , Koh Tarutao , Koh  Similan or Koh Tao in Thailand , Sipidan (Malaysia), as well as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Sightseeing Temples – There’s a lot of everything in Southeast Asia – lots of food, islands, clothes, drinking, and lots of temples. You can’t turn a corner without seeing another temple. You’ll get temple overload at some point, but visit as many as you can as each is unique to the country and region of the temple.

Go jungle trekking – No matter where you do it, jungle trekking is a must for any traveler. The area is covered in amazing jungles with a diverse wildlife. Some of the best treks are in Laos and Malaysia, though the ones in Thailand are the most convenient.

Golfing : If you’re golfing your way through Southeast Asia, the heat may be stifling, but you’re never too far away from a relaxing glass of cold tea, and a comfortable place to sit in the shade for a while and enjoy the tropical scenery. Whether you’re an old pro, an amateur, or a rank newbie, you’ll find a place to play the game of golf almost anywhere in Asia. Many have been created by world-famous designers with consultation by some of the game’s most prestigious players, creating courses that stand out among all others. Some of the best golf courses in the world are in places like Thailand and Singapore, with incredibly beautiful and challenging courses adjacent to luxurious resorts. You’ll enjoy seeing some things you’d never expect at a Western golf course