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Ultimate Destination.. Vietnam

    While most people associate Vietnam with memories of war, a trip to the country will successfully erase all such thoughts and you will see what entrancing natural beauty the country is endowed with. Vietnam tourism reveals as a place of peace, unique culture and unspoiled nature. A visit to this fascinating country will indulge your senses and open your mind. Learn More


    The cities of this vibrant country present dramatically different faces ; Saigon throbs with an economic renaissance while Hanoi maintains its image as the center of Vietnamese culture, intellect, and tradition. The countryside is equally varied, from the rock formations at Halong Bay to the rural villages and lush tropical landscapes of the Mekong Delta. Northern Vietnam is also a favorite for many travelers, offering hill tribe villages and dramatic mountain scenery. Throughout the country, travelers relish stunning landscapes and superb cuisine.

    Vietnam has established its reputation as a unique and genuine Southeast Asian experience. Like the rest of Indochina (including Laos and Cambodia), Vietnam is a former French colony and has been independent since 1954. It still retains a strong French cultural influence, with wide boulevards, magnificent Belle Époque architecture, fresh baguettes sold on every corner, and good espresso and fine Bordeaux widely available. Unlike Laos and Cambodia, where the people have more in common with India, the Vietnamese are much closer culturally to China, with Confucian ethics valuing age, education and hard work. And now, there is ample opportunity to explore it in style and luxury. As an untouched land with diversified geography, Vietnam, a new land of tourism with age-old traditions and culture, newly built resorts and hotels, provides a great variety of interesting tours to tourists.

    Vietnam is a tropical paradise of charming people, heavenly beaches, brilliant green rice paddies and lush emerald rainforests. Traveling in Vietnam is an experience that is impossible to put into words and even harder to capture in pictures.


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