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Ultimate Destination ..Cambodia

   Cambodia, bordered by Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, has a fabulous heritage, warm friendly people and an untamed wild landscape. The beautiful and extensive temple ruins at Angkor, now a UNESCO Heritage site, represent the glorious Khmer civilization and one of the most spectacular historical sites in Asia. Learn More



Today Cambodia is symbolized by awesome Angkor Wat, the largest manmade religious structure in the world - one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

   The Kingdom of Cambodia is probably most famous for being home to one of the world's most impressive man-made wonders: Angkor Wat, one of a handful of places everyone must visit during their lifetime — although just the beginning of this enigmatic country which has so much to offer.

   You should allow at least 2 full days in Siem Reap, so you can have time to see all of the important temples. Others popular destinations for tourists include the capital Phnom Penh and the quiet beach resort of Sihanouville. Flight from Bangkok direct to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap for Angor. Traveling from the ancient 9th century capital of Siem Reap to the modern capital of Phnom Penh one can really experience the contrasts that define Cambodia.

   With Ultimate Cambodia tours, untouched wilderness and quaint rural towns are all part of exploring this mystical country. Although it's easy for one to get caught up in the breathtaking wonder of Angkor Wat, we know that travelers who spend more time on Cambodia tour packages will be well rewarded!

Siem Reap

   Siem Reap was little more than a village when the first French explorers re-discovered Angkor in the 19th century. With the acquisition of Angkor by the French, in 1907, Siem Reap began to grow, absorbing the first wave of tourists.

   Today, Siem Reap is undoubtedly Cambodia's fastest growing city and serves as a small charming gateway town to the world famous heritage of the Angkor temples. Siem Reap nowadays is a vibrant town with modern hotels and architectures. Despite international influences, Siem Reap and its people have conserved much of the town's image, culture and traditions.

   A small country of 11 million people that adjoins Thailand's eastern border, Cambodia is beginning to attract tourists primarily to see the magnificent ancient Khmer city at Angor, filled with the temples and palaces built between the 9th and 13th      centuries. Angkor has tantalized Western travelers since 1858 when Henri Mouhot, a French naturalist, stumbled upon it in the jungle, and it became the 'lost city' of Asia. In recent years, it was 'lost' again, but now the city in all its glory can be seen.

   Angkor Wat ,Angkor Thom, (about 6 km north of the city), and other Angkor ruins were designated to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and being one of the “Seven Wonders of the World” as it is one of the world's great architectural achievements containing the magnificent remains of the Khmer civilization and the largest religious monument ever built, the Bayon , Banteay Srey and the legendary Angkor Wat whose artistic and archaeological significance and visual impact put it in a class with the Pyramids, Machu Pichu and the Taj Mahal. Unlike many other world class monuments, the ruins of Angkor are as yet unspoiled by over-development.

   Siem Reap Town is actually a cluster of old villages, which originally developed around individual pagodas and later overlaid with an French colonial-era center. The town is Note the colonial and Chinese style architecture in the town center and around the Old Market. Others popular destinations for tourists include to experience traditional Cambodia: craft shops and silk farms, road tours through rice paddy countryside ,boat trips on the great Tonle Sap Lake to fishing villages and bird sanctuary  and much more.

   Nowadays, Siem Reap offers a wide range of hotels, restaurants ,pubs and shops including several upscale hotels and dozens of budget guesthouses. Flight from Bangkok direct to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap for Angor.


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